The Opportunity

Ok, before I begin, I want you to think about two questions:

  1. How much are you looking to make monthly with a home based business?  $100, $1000, $5000, More!?*
  2. Why are you looking to start a home based business?  Looking to pay off debt? Be able to go on vacations?  Supplement your current income?  Put away money for your children’s education? Fire your boss!?   WHAT IS YOUR WHY??

Now, if I could say that all the above is achievable would you want to learn more?  If so, continue reading…

I am very excited to share this great business opportunity to bring in Passive Residual Income.  Most of us have linear income – we are paid when we show up to work.  But, if for any reason we don’t show, we don’t get paid.  What is your plan ‘B’ if you don’t (or can’t) show to work?  Let me give you the chance to find out how YOU can bring in additional income doing little more than sharing this program with those you know and promoting services that people are already using and paying for. 

Diversify your income with a great business opportunity that can give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Help your family achieve their dreams with outstanding earning potential working from home, and more importantly, working for yourself. If you are interested in taking a look at this opportunity in more detail, contact me now.

So let me tell you a little bit about this opportunity.  It is with a great company which started out about 20 years ago just after the deregulation of the telecoms (Long Distance providers), providing a choice in Long Distance service and saving their customers money on their Long Distance bills.  Since their inception they have expanded their product offerings to include Local and Long Distance phone service, Wireless phone service, Cable, Satellite, High Speed Internet, Home Security and Home Automation, and yes ENERGY (Electricity and Natural Gas)  through major well known carriers of their respective fields.  They have also been featured in renowned publications like SUCCESS Magazine, Fortune and INC. Magazine; trusted news sources like USA Today and trade publications like Direct Selling News.

Now, I actually get paid on the services that I and those who have switched services through me were already paying for.  Month after Month, Year after Year, How cool is that?

REALTORS, think about it, you are probably already giving out information on the local utilities that your clients are going to need for their new home, why not get PAID for it?

You build your business at your own speed when you have available time.  There are no minimums and no quotas.

But it gets better!

We also get paid a percentage on those who have become part of this opportunity though us and we are generously rewarded for making sure those who become Independent Business Owners are successful!  You can very easily do the same.  It is in my best interest to make sure that I do everything in my power to make sure you make money as well!

What really got me excited about this is the ENERGY options.  Though my local area has not been deregulated yet, I wanted to be in a position to capitalize on this and have an army of individuals with the same drive and motivation that I have so that once this happens, I was ready to promote and help my friends and family potentially save money on those major essential services, and thus give myself a pay raise!   I have reached out to many of my friends and family in areas that have choices in this sector and they have been very excited to help me out and thus save money on their energy bills.  It’s a Win-Win and ANYONE CAN DO THIS (Those like me in IT, Home Wives, Construction workers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Police, Firemen, you name it, it really doesn’t matter)!

This opportunity is also completely Willable, Sellable and Inheritable, so once I am unable to continue with this, my family is protected.

Visualize…A business opportunity in which you supply consumers with necessary services that everyone uses each and every day, and will continue to do so into the future…

Having a chance to jump into the next generation of communications technology first.
Seize the world of possibilities and live a lifestyle designed in your own terms:

•Have flexibility and freedom in being your own boss
•Create a brighter future for your family
•Earn significant residual income every time customers pay their bill
•Enjoy frequent recognition events
•Gain greater performance-based leadership opportunities

Tell Me More!

I would love to go into all the details about this, commission structure, etc., but I cannot do it justice on this page.  If you would like to know more on how you can become a part of this opportunity and join a successful winning team, please click on the button below, fill out a simple contact form and I will send you information for FREE so you can see the power and ease of this program yourself to see if it is something that is right for YOU!  Don’t want to fill out a form?  Call 1-800-398-9821 x8022 for the same information!

We will explain everything including hypothetical, yet very conservative realistic potential monthly income that you could expect.

This is something that you can do absolutely part time along with your current job.  I AM!

Take part in an opportunity that is redefining success, and see your life in a whole new light with this home-based business opportunity that can unlock your earning potential and your path to financial freedom — this opportunity is the key, with true integrity and with an unbeatable endorsement from a world renowned multi-billionaire entrepreneur.

You will be glad you did, I promise!

*Energy not available in all locations at this time.  All energy utilities are required to be deregulated (Provide Choices) by 2015.  Currently Available in CA, CT, IL, MD, MA ,MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, with new territories coming online monthly.  Income not guaranteed and results will vary based on individual actions.